22 Oct 2021 / Shubhashish Homes

Why Low Rise Spacious Apartments Should Be Your First Choice While Buying a Home

Why Low Rise Spacious Apartments Should Be Your First Choice While Buying a Home

The moment a family moves into their new home...It is filled with oodles of excitement, creative decorative plans, and lots of hope for the future.

But after a few weeks of moving in, their eyes begin to catch small details and deficits. Most people who look to buy a 2 or 3 BHK apartment in Jaipur often don't dig really deep. They strive to get the cheapest deal without thinking that they would have to live their entire lives there.

Some customers overlook the amenities while others don't consider greenery a big deal. In the beginning, life in a high-rise apartment may sound interesting but after a few days, you find yourself wishing for a low-rise apartment where getting in is easy and you get a feel of luxury.

In a high-rise apartment, the usefulness of stairs becomes null as you can't climb up to your apartment on the 12th floor every time. You will most probably be using lifts over stairs.

The lack of physical efforts will soon invite bad traits like obesity, laziness, lack of energy & enthusiasm.

In research, it has been found that the people who live in high-rise apartments, tend to ignore most of the chores and only do the most crucial ones. On the other hand, the residents of a low-rise apartment live a rather satisfying and active lifestyle.

Climbing 2-3 floors seem easy and keeps you away from using the lift which ultimately makes you healthier and keeps your heart in a good shape.

Shubhashish Geeta's apartments are a fine blend of luxury, comfort, and an upscale lifestyle. All apartments are corner apartments. They feature extreme luxury and space with huge balconies for a view of a lifetime.

These luxury flats in Jaipur come with amazing amenities including big balconies, corner apartments, and a huge living area. 21,000+ exotic trees and plants, solar panels, smart water meters, and car charging points make it a beautiful, eco-friendly gated community that is perfect for adults, kids, as well as elderly. You can undoubtedly consider buying your dream home here.