02 Jul 2021 / Shubhashish Homes

Why Location is an Important Factor When it Comes to Purchase a House?

Why Location is an Important Factor When it Comes to Purchase a House?

The location of your dream home might not seem like an important concern during your first site visit, provided that the cost is cheap. However, after you start living in a poorly-located home, this regret keeps bigger and bigger every day. And, you will find yourself wishing that saving those few bucks wasn't a great deal after all.

Undoubtedly, homes located in farther and outer parts of the city are a bit cheaper than the rest. Initially, you will feel that saving extra money was the better and smarter decision. But soon, the predicaments of secluded living start to peek out of nowhere. Sometimes they are so critical that it causes a rift among family members. Compromising with your precious time & efforts just because of a cheaper deal is never witty.

Let's understand it by a few examples:

1) Schools

Kids either need to be dropped at school every day, or a school bus does the chore for you. It has been seen that school buses don't always go to the deepest of farther areas and colonies. Instead, they just wait on the main roads, and the parents usually need to take their kids and wait at the bus stop. In both cases, the time is compromised. An important time in which you might have been able to carry out your other duties.

2) Offices

We spend most of our home-to-office commute without doing anything productive. Of course, unless you have a chauffeur who could drive for you while you are scrolling your iPad. And the more the distance to your office, the more time is wasted. People who live in outer locations from the city often talk about their boring, long, and stressful commute in 42 degrees heat and pollution.

3) Hospitals, Grocery & Utilities

Bad times don't knock before entering your life. Nobody knows when you suddenly may need an emergency service. In that case, having a medical facility nearby can save a life. The same goes for grocery stores and utility markets. You won't like the idea of travelling 3 kilometers just to bring a packet of milk, right

Shubhashish Geeta is a 3 & 4 BHK villa & apartment project in Jaipur based on a “Resort Theme.” Located in a superior location of Jaisinghpura Road Mansarovar, 200 feet proposed road will connect the project straight with Mansarovar. Then, you will be able to cover the distance to Mansarovar Metro Station and Jaipur Junction, and AirPort in only a few minutes. Jaipur's top schools, hospitals, D Mart, D Cathelon, many IT companies, and other amenities are already located nearby, saving a lot of your time and trouble.

Considering all that, the Shubhashish Geeta Phase II is definitely the best Luxury 3BHK & 4BHK villa and apartment project the city of Jaipur has ever seen. You can undoubtedly consider buying your dream home or can just invest here.

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Address: 200ft. Jaisinghpura Road, Mansarover Ext., Jaipur