21 Mar 2024 / Shubhashish Homes

Shubhashish Homes: The Emerging Destination for Luxury Homes in Jaipur

Shubhashish Homes: The Emerging Destination for Luxury Homes in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is known for its rich cultural heritage, grand palaces, and vibrant markets. However, in recent years, the city has witnessed a surge in demand for luxury homes. Jaipur is becoming a new hub for luxury homes due to its excellent connectivity, growing infrastructure, and overall development. In this blog, we will discuss why Jaipur is emerging as a destination for luxury homes and how Shubhashish Homes contributes to this trend.

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Jaipur is well connected to major cities in India through roads, rail, and airways. The city has its own international airport that connects it to major international cities. Moreover, the city is well-connected to other cities in India through a network of highways and railways. This connectivity has increased demand for luxury homes in Jaipur, as people from other cities are looking to invest in Jaipur’s real estate market.

Apart from connectivity, the city's infrastructure is also rapidly developing. The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has undertaken several infrastructure development projects, including the construction of flyovers, the expansion of roads, and the development of new commercial and residential areas. The city's infrastructure development has led to an increase in property values, making it an attractive destination for luxury homes.

Shubhashish Homes: Luxury Living in Jaipur

Shubhashish Homes is a mid-housing-segmented real estate developer in Jaipur, known for its luxurious and exclusive properties. The company specialises in creating exceptional homes that cater to the resort lifestyle daily. Shubhashish Homes’ properties offer market-first amenities and facilities that are designed to provide comfort, convenience, and luxury to their residents.

Also, Shubhashish Homes' properties are strategically located in a prime area of Jaipur. The location offers easy access to the city's major attractions, commercial centers, and educational institutions. Shubhashish Homes' properties are designed by renowned architects and interior designers, who ensure that every detail is taken care of to provide a luxurious living experience.

Shubhashish Homes: A Double-Gated Community of Luxury Homes

In addition to the previous point, Shubhashish Homes is a double-gated community of luxury homes located in Mansarovar Extension, Jaipur. The community is spread over 9.3 acres of land and offers just 391 units. The complex offers 2/3/4 BHK units, which are specifically designed for mid-income individuals. These individuals can be lawyers, bankers, CAs, government employees, or marketing directors. The units are designed to offer a serene and resort lifestyle daily, away from the chaos of the main city.

Furthermore, Shubhashish Homes offers a range of amenities and facilities, including 2 clubhouses, 2 swimming pools, a gym, landscaped gardens, a pet-care area, a temple, a children’s play area, and many more. Additionally, the community is surrounded by lush greenery, which provides a natural and refreshing ambience with 75% open green space. The units are spacious and offer a perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture.


In conclusion, Jaipur is emerging as a hub for luxury homes! And, Shubhashish Homes is contributing to this trend by offering luxurious and exclusive properties that cater to the lifestyle of the elite. With its excellent connectivity, growing infrastructure, and overall development, Jaipur is set to become a top destination for luxury homes in India. If you're looking for a luxurious and resort lifestyle daily in Jaipur, Shubhashish Homes is the perfect partner to help you find your dream home.