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Why is the Jaipur Real Estate market a great Investment Choice?

Why is the Jaipur Real Estate market a great Investment Choice?

If you perform a proper real estate market analysis of Jaipur city then you will find out that Jaipur property market is growing at a very fast pace. Owing to the developments, the city is one of the fastest emerging metropolises in the nation. Proper urban planning, sound infrastructure, and modern amenities make it a perfect destination for business and living. While saying this, it is predictable that there will be a tremendous rise in Jaipur's Real Estate market.

Moreover, as the mission of turning Jaipur into a smart city is gaining momentum, there is also a rapid development in the infrastructure. Beautification and restorations of heritage buildings and smart roads with CCTV & integrated management systems are part of the same mission. And to add to the beauty of this fact, Cisco is helping JDA on the project.

Furthermore, with excellent connectivity, tourist spots, and some prime areas like Mansarovar, Jaipur is the commercial, retail, and residential market hub.

And In a scenario where a city has everything to attract wealth, how can it not be wise to invest!

Let's take a look at,

Why investing in Jaipur's Real Estate market is profitable

The pink city has always been a major attraction for investors from all over the world. Jaipur Property Market offers everything that you need for significant Returns on investment.

So, here are some significant reasons why Real Estate investment in Jaipur is a win-win.

Smart city mission

June 2015 saw the launching of the smart city project… For turning a few states of Rajasthan into smart cities. Area-based goals have been defined for various fields, including smart heritage & tourism, smart mobility, smart and sustainable civic infrastructure, and smart solid waste management.


The excellent connectivity of Jaipur city by the Jaipur metro and Jaipur bus rapid transit services gives the town the wheels of development. The Indian government approved Jaipur Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRTS) in August 2006 as well.

In phase I, two corridors are proposed under this. First was Sikar Road to Tonk Road, and the other was Ajmer Road to Delhi Road Corridor.

Growth of Medical Facilities

The medical facilities are an integral part of every area. Therefore, having world-class medical support and hospitals appreciates the rate of the properties of that area.

One such area in Jaipur is the Medical Hub, Mansarovar Extension where Geetanjali Medical University is coming up. In the same location, Shubhashish Geeta by Shubhashish Homes is an upcoming project based on the resort lifestyle.

Housing Market

Fast developing infrastructure, low cost of productivity, attractive rentals, and significant ROI make for Jaipur real estate market boom! As a result, the demand for upscale homes with upgraded living facilities is continually increasing.

Furthermore, According to the JDA, The housing shortage in Jaipur is expected to reach 2, 78,412 by 2025. The Master Development Plan-2025 covers all aspects of development, including transportation, infrastructure, and land uses.

Hence, investing in the real estate market of Jaipur will be profitable in the future and present.

In the End,

We can say that Jaipur Property Market will witness a massive attraction from people all over the nation. Additionally, owing to factors like extensive connectivity, excellent facilities, fast development, investing in the Real Estate market will be like a cherry on the cake!

Moreover, investing in the best residential properties in Jaipur like those of Shubhashish Homes will offer high profits.

As the people of the city are demanding the most refined living, the Shubhashish Geeta offers them more than just a home!