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Home Inspection Before Buying a Home For Your Family

Home Inspection Before Buying a Home For Your Family

While buying a home, it is evident that the home buyer should be sure of what he is getting into. Therefore, whether you are buying your second home or your first time, the importance of home inspection must not be ignored.

Inspection should be done on both the house's exteriors and the interiors. This will let you take a deeper look at the home and help determine the condition of a home on the whole.

A good inspection of the home uncovers many things that will help save the renovation later. In some cases, it also helps lower the costs depending upon the inspection find outs.

However, you may be tempted to skip the inspection as it involves spending extra hours or many days. But here are some essential reasons why you should not ignore it.

Why is a home inspection necessary?

Being fully aware of your home is essential for every home buyer. Spending a tiny amount of money on home inspection will save your hours of renovations and disappointments. Here are some more reasons stating the importance of inspecting your home before finalizing

1. Assures and Satisfies you

A home is one of the most significant milestones and achievements for anyone. Additionally, the costs of buying a home in jaipur are not easy as well. Thus, it is practically important to have peace of mind while finalizing the deal.

The main purpose of a home inspection is to make sure that the home is safe, solid, and reliable. By ignoring the step of a home inspection, you will make way for the unnecessary anxiety and stress in the process of home buying. Furthermore, going in for the inspection will have additional satisfaction if you opt for the best for yourself.

2. Gives way for negotiation

While inspecting a home, it is highly likely to find some repairs or renovations in the house. Therefore, after completing the process of inspecting, you can negotiate with the seller to either lower the rates or revise the rate according to the repairs.

However, if an agent is involved in the housing agreement, you can also ask the agent to talk with the seller on your behalf. Generally, the seller lowers the rate to keep the buyers interested.

3. Gives out Seller's repairs

While property inspection, you will notice some changes and repairs. Few people might overlook the little things, but it is not advisable to do so. Instead, it is better to talk to the seller about the same.

Sometimes, the seller agrees to get those repairs done instead of lowering the property prices. Either way, the buyer has an advantage as he will get a renewed home or at a lower cost than what he originally intended.

4. Ensures the safety of home

Sometimes the house looks good on the outside but has some hidden issues that can be bothersome when you start living in it. Thus, check the pipes, leaks, water drainages, or ceilings. While taking a closer look at your home, if you come across some fishy smell or moist air, check for moulds or leakages from the top. Also, make sure to see the insect and pest issues to eliminate them before shifting.

Moreover, do not forget to look at the gates, cameras (if any), and the neighbourhood of the home. Any suspicious activity or defaults must be considered to avoid security issues in the long run.

5. Helps with the Insurance

Before applying for home insurance, a proper home inspection can help you make some changes to get better insurance coverage. Of course, spending a few bucks on hiring an inspection officer will not hurt as well, as he will provide a complete list of changes that should be done beforehand.

According to the insurance companies, the better the home's condition, the better will be the insurance deals.

Now you must be wondering about where, to begin with,

So here is the head start.

The complete home inspection checklist

There are many home areas that you must include in your checklist. You can start by dividing the house into four areas and looking at each.

1. Exterior check

  • Neighbourhood
  • Surrounding areas
  • Parking
  • Building exterior

2. Interior check

  • Common areas of use
  • General household furniture
  • Windows and doors
  • Wall paints and cracks

3. Appliances and electrical

  • HVAC systems
  • Appliances
  • Electricity issues
  • Switches and boards
  • Electric car charging points
  • Smart water meters

4. Miscellaneous checklist

  • Open spaces in the apartment
  • Balconies or utility areas
  • Vaastu compliant homes
  • The surface of the walls or ceilings
  • The slope of the floor
  • Corners in the home/room

Now either you can involve all the hassle of finding a home and then inspecting it, or you can downsize your efforts by getting in touch with Shubhashish Homes.

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