19 Mar 2024 / Shubhashish Homes

Why Shubhashish Geeta's Phase II is the Best 3BHK and 4BHK Villa & Apartment Project in Jaipur?

Why Shubhashish Geeta's Phase II is the Best 3BHK and 4BHK Villa & Apartment Project in Jaipur?

Yes, without a doubt. The amalgam of innovation, modernity and vast greenery is sure to grasp the attention of the eyes that are trained to find perfection even in the smallest things. And here’s a List of stunning amenities that would mesmerize everyone:

A) 75%+ Open Area

A 75%+ open area ramps up the comfy feel of the entire project. The calm sight of nature and butterflies will relive your eyes. If you want to find a fresh, pollution-free environment, first find a place filled with lots of trees and open space.

B) Smart Homes Concept

The construction and planning of the second phase of Geeta are highly next-level and futuristic. Alexa is enabled in all the villas and apartments. They are equipped with electric car-charging points, and smart garbage disposal keeps the entire community very hygienic.

C) Swimming Pool & Club

Without a decent club and swimming pool, the life of Millenials wouldn’t be fun. Geeta takes it to a next level as the club area has its own swimming pool and a number of other cool facilities.

D) Kids and Elderly Friendly Concept

People of different age group has different needs, likes, and dislikes. The planners of Geeta understand this really well. They have enriched the compound with facilities that will interest them all equally. For instance, the kids’ play area is a perfect place for your kids to play and learn with their friends. Big parks and a temple can be perfect walking, yoga, and meditation spots.

Overall, the Shubhashish Geeta Phase II is the best & safest Luxury 3BK & 4BHK villa and apartment project the city of Jaipur has ever seen. You can undoubtedly consider buying your dream home or can just invest here.