21 Nov 2021 / Shubhashish Homes

Are You Looking for Your Dream Home? Know Why You Should Buy a Property in its 'New Launch' Phase

Are You Looking for Your Dream Home? Know Why You Should Buy a Property in its 'New Launch' Phase

The real estate market is a place where ups and downs are a part of the process. If you have been dealing in real estate regarding purchasing a house or investing in a rental opportunity, you might have stumbled across the terms like 'Pre-Launch' and 'New-Launch'. For investors as well as normal housing-seekers, these offers by newly-launched projects are pots filled with gold.

When a project is in its development phase or is newly launched, it will definitely be more economical… As compared to the projects that have been completed some time ago… And that feature ready-to-move homes. That's why when you head out to hunt some great luxury flats in Jaipur in a specific locality, the newly-launched projects should be your top priority. Let's see what other benefits the newly-launched properties offer to you:

1) The Sooner You Come, The Better Deals You will Get

If a property is in its initial launching or under-construction phase, the builders will roll out extremely lucrative offers that would make help you save money and time. So remember, if you are on the tight side of your budget, the semi-constructed properties will be a savior for you.

2) Don't Let the Price Hike Hit Your Pocket

Do you know when the prices of a project's units are at their lowest Well, in the planning and under-construction projects where units are still unsold, the prices per unit will be at their rock bottom. And that's when you should book your unit. The prices will keep hiking as more units are sold.

3) Choice, Customization, and Extras

When you are among the first customers when a project is under construction, the builders will value your choice. That means, at a lower price, you can book the best unit at your desired location or floor. Before the finish of the final construction... You can get small tweaks and customizations. Apart from that, many projects have first-five or first-ten offers... Where early buyers get extra rewards...

Since the newly-launched or pre-launched projects offer such exciting benefits, why waste the precious amount of time we get to visit general housing projects. Moreover, if the property you are visiting is a gated one and features many homebuyers-friendly offers like Shubhashish Geeta, by all means, grab it.

About Shubhashish Geeta:

Shubhashish Geeta is a 'Resort Theme' gated community. It features luxury flats in Jaipur with amazing amenities including big balconies, corner apartments, and a huge living area. 21,000+ exotic trees and plants, solar panels, smart water meters, and car charging points make it a beautiful, eco-friendly gated community... which is perfect for adults, kids, as well as elderly. You can undoubtedly consider buying your dream home here.

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