16 Dec 2021 / Shubhashish Homes

A Small Checklist Before You Buy an Apartment in Jaipur

A Small Checklist Before You Buy an Apartment in Jaipur

When desperate homebuyers strive to look for the best luxury apartment in Jaipur there is one important thing they need to do. They need to inspect an array of units as well as gated communities. As much as fun and exciting the home inspection feels, it gets quite monotonous and tiresome. Especially when you can't seem to come to a conclusion even after visiting hundreds of properties.

The Pink City has become a metro city. And it is on its path to developing into a megacity in no time. Thanks to this, the IT, real estate, healthcare, and education sectors here are at a boom. Since the population of the city is continuously increasing, the price of villa & apartment in Jaipur are increasing as well. This might cause the people who are looking to buy 2&3 BHK flats in Jaipur a bit of trouble as they will have to search more keenly and might as well have to visit a large number of properties.

To keep your house search quick and more efficient, this small checklist will definitely come in handy:

1) Water Leaks

It's true that Jaipur is not a city where the rainfall doesn't stop once it started. But this does not mean that all builders stay very cautious during the construction. Using low-grade material and the lack of construction expertise may leave some water leaks in the house.

2) Cracks in Walls

In Jaipur, it has been reported that the houses in some specific areas have cracks in their ceilings and walls. This is especially the case with the ones near railway lines. You should be wary of buying such a house as those cracks are usually impossible to repair. And in most cases, they keep spreading out.

3) The Size of the Rooms

Rooms, whether the living room or the bedroom, will be the places where you would be spending most of your time in your home. If the rooms are very small and it appears to you that you and your family might feel suffocated after moving in and arranging your furniture, it's time to look for another property.

4) Windows and Kitchen

The more windows your house has, the more sunlight and natural air will come in. And this will keep the environment far away from boring. So, the bigger and more number of windows, the better. On the other hand, don’t forget to look into the kitchen area. All taps, drawers, and lights should be smooth and appropriate.


The beauty of a perfect home inspection checklist lies in timely building it. The points you seek in an ideal house for your family should be written precisely with a little elaboration before you start your home hunt. The checklist will help you inspect whether the house has all the things you wanted or is it missing on a few.