01 Nov 2021 / Shubhashish Homes

5 Intelligent Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

5 Intelligent Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

As more and more people are moving to big cities for financial opportunities and kick off their long-awaited startup ideas, the living space for everyone is shrinking. Moreover, the lives of today's people have become so busy that managing a very big house is not something that everyone appreciates nowadays. Less is considered more and small is seen as manageable. Small kitchens have become the new thing as the size of families is compressed from joint to nuclear.

But having a small kitchen doesn't mean that you can't use it as efficiently as a big one. There are many ways in which you can undertake a number of modifications to utilize the space to its fullest and make it look cleaner, spacious, arranged, and bigger. Let's have a look at the ways:

Keep Personal Touches to a Minimum

Color books are things where kids show all their creativity but when it comes to teens and moms, kitchens and fridges are their places to be creative. Be it their trinket, fridge magnets, decorative planters, or cutlery, they are usually stuffed in the kitchen. If you need to have decluttered & neat kitchen look, find someplace other for these items that obstructs your views.

Go with Hidden Handles

In past, people used cabinets handles that popped out. They looked protruding and they would probe you as they touch. Today's trend calls for cabinets and cupboards that come with hidden handles. They save space and give your kitchen a more geometric look.

Small Fridge to Get More Space

If your family is consists of 3-4 members, then big fridges would do nothing good but to be there and eat up extra space. In India, we prepare most of our food fresh and keep a distance from frozen food. That's why opting for a small fridge that can fit in a small space is the right choice for you.

Furniture that Occupies Less Space

If you use furniture in your kitchen which often gets in your way while moving around, then smart furniture can do the trick for you. Instead of a chair, a small folding stool with no back support will do the same job. You can fold it later and fit it in a small spot.

Keep it Well-Lit

If something is well-lit, it naturally looks neater and bigger as a rule of thumb. On the other hand, dark places reflect a depressing feeling and make a big space look small. If you can, use as might lighting in the kitchen as much possible. You can even illuminate the edges of cabinets with new & trendy, LED lighting.

The whole world is accepting the power of minimalism and the number of individuals who are giving different parts of their homes including their kitchen a minimalistic makeover is increasing. The beauty of minimalism would transform your kitchen into a stunning place that you would love going into and cooking the best recipes for your dear family.

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