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4 Health-Oriented Amenities Offered in Luxury Flats in Shubhashish Geeta Jaipur

4 Health-Oriented Amenities Offered in Luxury Flats in Shubhashish Geeta Jaipur

Health should be a crucial part of one's day-to-day life. The people who were born in the '80s or before that are healthier than the people today. As technological advancement started to occupy our daily lives space, we started to get more and more comfortable.

Jobs, study, and screen-time ate up a big portion of our 24 hours which hardly leaves us with any time to become physically active. As a result, our health sees a continuous decline. Gyms, cardio centers, and yoga classes are especially too far away from our homes that we hesitate to make all that effort just to reach them. The motivation dies before it could rise.

Modern problems need modern solutions. So, what if you get all the health and fitness-boosting amenities within a few steps of your home? It would be amazing, wouldn't it For the people who are still looking to find an apartment in Jaipur, gated communities with health-oriented amenities should be the primary choices for you.

At Shubhashish Geeta, we strived to help our residents stay in the best health of their lives by focusing on premium facilities like gyms, swimming pools, sports, and much more. Let's have a look at those amenities:

1) Gym

The Gym at Shubhashish Geeta is equipped with all kinds of fitness equipment you can think of. It has already become a favorite hang-out spot for many of our fitness-loving individuals. Moreover, it's completely free to use. The 30 mins you spend here every day will help you keep an aesthetic shape.

2) Lush Greenery, Yoga Spots

The whole compound of Shubhashish Geeta is beautified with 21,000+ trees. A fresh, natural air is known to improve one's mental and emotional well-being. Apart from that, the central park makes for an amazing spot to practice yoga along with your buddies.

3) Sports Arena

According to most experts, sports is the best way to lose some extra pounds while enjoying the process. The Shubhashish Geeta's Sports Arena features 2 badminton courts, 1 tennis court, 1 basketball court, and 1 cricket net.

4) Walkways

30 mins spent doing a morning walk can keep you refreshed for the entire day. Around the Geeta's compound, you can carry out your jogging or walking activities on the walking tracks surrounded by beautiful plants and trees.

About Shubhashish Geeta:

The Shubhashish Geeta Phase II definitely offers the best Luxury 2BHK, 3BHK & 4BHK flats in Jaipur according to today's people's preferences. These luxury flats in Jaipur come with amazing amenities including big balconies, corner apartments, and a huge living area. 21,000+ exotic trees and plants, solar panels, smart water meters, and car charging points make it a beautiful, eco-friendly gated community that is perfect for adults, kids, as well as elderly. You can undoubtedly consider buying your dream home here.

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